Se han realizado algunas publicaciones para los programas de educación sobre la conservación de especies en peligro. Una pequeña revista digital con actividades e información para todas las edades.

Some publications have been made for education programs on the conservation of endangered species. A small digital magazine with activities and information for all ages.
Image translation: Little Lora has just been born and an incredible adventure awaits him in the huge blue ocean. The Kemp’s ridley turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) is one of the sea turtles that come to our area to lay their eggs and are in serious danger of extinction, we leave you a little story of one of these little turtles that since they are born alone they enter the sea and everything they have to go through to survive.
Image translation: Little Alan was born in a beautiful jungle in Tamaulipas, he discovers how the Jaguar lives in its habitat and the challenges they have to overcome as man takes more and more of their land.